Ultraviolet Steriliser


UV Systems are a non-chemical process of disinfection using Ultraviolet Light. Microorganisms in the water supply are exposed to Ultraviolet light energy. The UV rays penetrate the cell membranes and destroy the DNA inside the cell, effectively destroying the organism (bacteria, viruses, molds, algae and other microorganisms) and it’s ability to reproduce.

After this process, the microorganisms are then considered dead, and the risk of a disease from them is eliminated.


Ultraviolet applications include
– any untreated water supply including wells, springs, lakes etc.
– Water Filtration and treatment plants.
– Fish Farms, for the control of micro-organisms.
– Algae control in ponds and general aquatic use.
– Re-circulating loops and high purity water systems.

This system is designed for low to medium flow rate applications. The lamps offer a full one year life span and inexpensive replacement costs.
The AL2 series of UV’s are WRAS approved.
They come with a simple power supply and green LED (working), red LED (failure). The AL² unit has a display.

Lamp Life Span – 9000 hours

Max Flow Rate – 30 l/min at 30mj

Electronical Panel – Alarm red LED
– Electrical plug (schuko / UK / no plug)

Installation is currently only available to counties; Meath, Louth, Dublin, Kildare and Cavan at present.
All installations by Waterstore are subject to site and worktop suitability.

Additional information

Weight 3.41 kg
Dimensions 67.4 × 56.5 × 6 cm



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