Coral Water Softener with Demand Clock


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1 in stock

Our Cabinet Water Softeners are:

  • Compact, fitting under modern sinks, specifically designed to fit even the smallest gaps but still have a high capacity
  • Versatile, designed to fit equally well into any utility room, kitchen or even outside
  • Advanced, efficient and quiet
  • Accessible, created to be simple to use


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If you are looking to reduce your expense on energy bills, repair and maintenence of your household utilities, and the cost of soaps and detergents, then we can help you. With one of the Waterstore’s Coral Water Softeners, you can achieve all of the above. Plus silkier and softer feeling skin and hair, softer and brighter clothes, and prevention of scale build up on your sinks, bath, shower and utilities.

The Coral Metered Softener is a 15 litre capacity softener, that regenerates based on water usage. This softener is best suited to treat moderate to very hard water for a household of 1-4+ people. This is one of our most popular domestic water softeners, featuring the very reliable autotrol valve.

If you choose to buy it now, your softener can be shipped or collected from our warehouse, ready for installation.

When choosing the Waterstore to install your softener, we will include a complimentary bag of Axal Pro salt upon installation. There are also bundle offers available for drinking water solutions.

Installation is currently only available to counties; Meath, Louth, Dublin, Kildare and Cavan at present.
All installations by Waterstore are subject to site suitability.

Additional information

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 46 × 27.5 × 66.5 cm

IMPORTANT: Installation Advice

This product is available for installation by us, subject to your site’s suitability. This means you must have sufficient space and access to your main water supply available at your site. In a domestic setting, the main water supply is typically located at the kitchen sink, in a plant room, a pump house or in the garage.

We ask that you please have your main water supply located, cleared and accessible for our technician, prior to your installation appointment. If access to your main water supply is unavailable, it is advised to seek advice from a plumber prior to your water softener purchase. In the unlikely event that installation is not possible, you will receive a refund minus any labour charges incurred.


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