Domestic Water Services

We are delighted to offer our customers the best in water treatment solutions.

We strive to provide solutions to any of our clients water treatment needs. Having been in operation from 1980’s to the present day, we can provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to our customers that is priceless. How can we help you?

Water Softening Systems

If you struggle with limescale in the home and you are sick of replacing kettles, boilers, shower heads and taps, then you are in the right place.

Leo Forde Water Services provides high quality water softeners that are designed and built to last. We also ensure that every water softener we install is especially suited to your specific needs and requirements.

Ultra Violet Systems

Oh no… there’s nasty bacteria in your water supply?

We can provide you with excellent quality Ultra Violet Light Sterilsation systems that are designed to kill off any harmful bacteria before it enters your home.

Filtration Systems

Filters for iron, manganese, sediment and more.

Our filters can be stand-alone, retro-fitted, or included as part of a new installation. We also have options available for aeration treatment of hydrogen sulfide gas, or sulphur, which can be recognised as a ‘rotten egg’ smell.

PH Correction System

We can provide PH correction units to you.

If the PH of your water supply is off it can cause many issues like pipe corrosion, or facilitate the presence of Manganese in your household supply. We can provide PH correction units to you, which are vessels containing a PH neutralising media designed to correct the PH of the water. The filter is tailored to your waters parameters, ensuring that the PH level of your water is correct.

Well Water Treatment

We offer neat and tidy systems.

We can supply, install and commission a fully bespoke water treatment system to treat any impurities with your well water supply. We offer neat and tidy systems that can be made to fit your pump house or plant room. We also facilitate grants through the Well Water scheme that is currently offered through our county councils.

Drinking Water Solutions

A clean and healthy drinking water supply is a neccessity.

We strive to present the best quality and value drinking water solutions to you. We offer carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, lime reduction units and more. We are committed to keeping up to date with the latest developments in technology for drinking water treatment, bringing them into the local market, and making them accessible to you.

Water Testing

We offer water testing out on site, or in our store.

We offer water testing out on site, or in our store – ideal for testing the basic parameters of your water supply. We can advise if you have hard or soft water, test for iron, manganese and PH. We utilise the services of an accredited laboratory, Fitz Scientific of Drogheda, Co. Louth for bacteria and certified testing.

What Next?

We want to make sure you get the water treatment that you need as easliy as possible. Whether you are ready to start the process or you’re looking for some more information on any of the services above, let us know and we will be here to help.