Commercial Water Services

We are delighted to offer our Clients the best in water treatment solutions.

We strive to provide the appropriate solutions to your business’ water treatment needs, and any required after services. Having been in operation from 1980’s to the present day, we can provide a wealth of knowledge and a broad range of experience to our customer that is priceless. We install water treatment systems for Hotels, Schools, Restaurants/Bars, Nursing Homes, Delis, Caterers etc. We can fit your system to the entire facility or to individual sections.

Water Softening Systems

Whether soft water is a necessity for the operation of machines or limescale is impacting the general running of your facility, Leo Forde Water Services can liaise with you to determine the best softening solution to suit your needs.

We only provide high quality water softeners and components that are designed and built to last. All of our softeners are made from components sourced in the EU, Canada or The United States.

Ultra Violet Systems

UV systems that are suitable to your business.

We carry a range of quality Ultra Violet Light Sterilsation systems that are designed to kill off any harmful bacteria before it can reach point of use. We will evaluate your business’ water usage and complete water parameters and present a UV system that is suitable to you.

Filtration and Aeration Systems

Filters for iron, manganese, sediment and more.

We can supply, install and commission filters for iron, manganese, sediment and more. These filters can be adapted to an existing water treatment system or installed along with your water softener. We also have options available for aeration treatment of hydrogen sulfide gas, or sulphur, which can be recognised as a ‘rotten egg’ smell.

PH Correction System

Tailored to your water’s parameters.

We provide PH correction units, which are vessels containing a PH neutralising media designed to correct the PH of the water. The filter is tailored to your waters parameters, ensuring that the PH level of your water is not too low or too high.

Well Water Treatment

Installed efficiently and to the highest standard.

We can supply, install and commission a fully bespoke water treatment system to treat any impurities with your well water supply. We will always ensure that your system is designed to treat all of the required fields and of course installed as efficiently, and competently as possible.

Drinking Water Solutions

Reliable, on demand access to clean and safe drinking water

A clean and healthy drinking water supply is a necessity for everyone. In the commercial sector, it is crucial for many businesses to have reliable, on demand access to clean and safe drinking water. We strive to present the best quality and value drinking water solutions to you. We offer carbon filtration systems, reverse osmosis units, lime reduction vessels and more. We are committed to keeping up to date with the latest developments in technology for drinking water treatment, bringing them into the local market, and making them accessible to you.

Water Testing

We offer water testing out on site, or in our store.

We offer water testing out on site, which can help to quickly determine specific parameters of your water supply and whether your treatment system is running efficiently etc. We can advise if you have hard or soft water, test for iron, manganese, chlorine levels and PH. We utilise the services of an accredited laboratory, Fitz Scientific of Drogheda, Co. Louth for bacteria and certified testing.

Calcium Treatment Units

Facilitating the removal of limescale, chlorine, and heavy metals.

Calcium Treatment Units are designed for the prevention of limscale on espresso and coffee machines, steam ovens, combination ovens, vending machines and water boilers. They facilitate the removal of limescale, chlorine, and heavy metals like copper, lead and mercury from your water.

Water Tank Cleaning

An exceptional water tank cleaning service for our commercial customers.

Leo Forde Water Services provides an exceptional water tank cleaning service for our commercial customers. We will provide a site survey, projected timeline and plan to allow your facility to work around our process, a full clean and disinfection of all relevant tanks and a certificate of completion for your records.

What Next?

If you need additional information, or you are ready to start the process for your water treatment, get in touch now by calling us on 003531 8011360, leaving a message in our contact box or just email us directly on