Water is the world’s first and foremost medicine. Water gives life, clean water gives health.

Treat your family to a healthier and better source of water.

Dry, itchy skin becomes a thing of the past with soft water.

The quality of mains drinking water in Ireland continually makes the news. Hardness especially is a major element of Irish drinking water, causing various issues that can be solved by softening your water supply.

Specialising and providing expertise in the water conditioning business since 1988.

Water Consultancy Services

We assess and advise on the most efficient treatment system to suit your needs.

Commercial Water Services

We supply water treatment solutions for businesses, including limescale treatment for professional equiptment, filtration components for beverage processing and much more.

Domestic Water Services

We provide various water treatment and drinking water solutions for the domestic market.

We are involved in all aspects of domestic and industrial water purification.

With an extensive customer base, we have the luxury of working with families, new builds, restaurants, beverage companies and so many others.

Some of our featured products…

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.

Our Process. From consultation, through to aftercare, attention to detail is our priority.

Assessing Your Water Needs

After gathering personal details, we record the essential information required for our assessment.

Provisional System Design

Our team will analyse each customers parameters, and outline a system best suited to your needs.

Providing Your Quotation

Following the assessment and design stages, we will issue you with a formal quotation for your system.

Installation & Commissioning

Once the customer is ready to proceed, our Service Engineer will proceed with installation.

System Servicing and After Care

We provide a maintenance service for Our installations, and Our Experts can assist with issues that may arise.

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